Liepaja airport just received two new aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles from it`s manufacturer "Wawrzaszek ISS spolska z ograniczona odpowiedzialonoscia" spolska komandytova (WISS). Both cars are "Felix" 6x6 six-wheel drive. All week under the Polish instructors supervision takes place specialized vehicle testing and user training.

20 people will be trained and all of them are existing firefighters. Two of them are the team leaders, the other 18 - firefighters, four of which are special drivers. Fire truck`s was purchased within the framework of the EU Cohesion Fund project "Liepaja International Airport development" to ensure the achievement of the ICAO requirement that Liepaja airport must met for the successful certification.

EU Cohesion Fund project`s "Liepaja International Airport development" implementation continues as an intensive preparation for the aerodrome certification process.

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