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Technical information

Technical information

Airport name: Liepaja International Airport


          IATA - LPX

          ICAO - EVLA
Time zone: UTC+2, UTC+3 (DST)
Aerodrome code: 3C
Parking spaces: 3 (C class)
Airport reference point:

          Latitude: 563103N
          Longitude: 0210549E
Elevation (feet): 18
Permitted traffic: IFR/VFR
Runway length: 2002 m
Runway width: 40 m
Manoeuvring strip width: 18 m
Runway lighting system: 

          Runway 24 - CAT I approach lights 450 m and ILS
          Runway 6 - NONP (DVOR) 420 m approach lights
Rescue and fire fighting service category: 2 (7 after prior notice)


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