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For rent


SIA "Aviasabiedrība" Liepaja "offers to lease land for business in the perspective development territories of the Liepāja aerodrome. Representation of the prospective development territories at the aerodrome on an ortofoto 




Real estate address and number: 8 Lidostas Street, Cimdenieki, Grobiņas Parish, Grobina Region, cadastral number: 64600070048.


Leased area: territories by card (the size of the territories and the boundaries on the map is illustrative and informative). Opportunity to lease a part of the leased land area: Yes, in agreement with the lessor.


Real Estate Use Purpose: Business related to aviation or airport operations. The estimated duration of the lease agreement is: not more than 30 years from the conclusion of the lease.


Additional information: Uģis Šterns, Head of Infrastructure Maintenance,, phone 29401855.