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At Liepaja Airport, the same rules apply to aviation security as at any EU airport. Therefore, to make your journey safe and enjoyable, we invite you to remember a few things:  


1.Make sure there are no prohibited dangerous goods in your luggage or clothing;

2.In hand luggage liquids are allowed in tanks of up to 100 ml packed in a clear, re-closable 1 l bag, as well as medications and infant food;

3.In the security check, you will need to separately display all electronic devices (computers, tablets, etc.). They will be checked seperately;

4.You will be asked to take off jackets, coats, etc. and they will be checked separately;


If you are in doubt about the transportation of certain items or if you have any uncertainties about the safety requirements, consult an airline representative and, before you fly, inspect the information contained in the registration area for items and substances prohibited in air traffic.


Prohibited goods in airplane 

Limitations of fluid in hand luggage