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Car rental





Liepaja is a great place to rent a car. Picturesque, cozy, cultured, and home to the most beautiful beaches in Latvia, it has something for every traveler to enjoy. Renting a car at Liepaja International Airport will not only let you explore the main sights of the city, but it will also give you the freedom to travel to other fascinating places in western Latvia.


Tips for Renting a Car in Liepaja.

What is the best place for picking up a rental car in Liepaja?

The most convenient place for picking up a rental car in Liepaja is Liepaja Airport. As of April 2020, Liepaja Airport has one rental car provider, SIXT. Although the company doesn’t have a counter in the airport, it does offer a meet & greet service whereby an employee of the company will meet you at the airport and will deliver the rental car to you.

Liepaja Airport is located about 9 km (5.4 miles) east of the city center of Liepaja with the trip taking about 10 to 15 minutes. Liepaja Airport is served by the national carrier airBaltic which provides frequent flights between the city and the nation’s capital, Riga.

It is also possible to pick up a rental car in the city center of Liepaja at another SIXT car rental office which is located at Fr. Brivzemnieka Street 38.


Where to fill up your car in Liepaja?

There are a number of gas stations in and around Liepaja. The nearest gas station to Liepaja Airport, operated by Latvijas Nafta and open 24/7, is located at Brivibas Street 174 and can be reached in about eight minutes. Gas stations are less frequently found in the countryside of Kurzeme and on secondary roads, but you should still have no trouble finding one.


Is it possible to pick up a rental car in Liepaja and drop it off in a different place in Latvia?

Yes, it is possible! Many travelers choose to pick up a rental car in Liepāja and later drop it off in the capital city Riga, often at Riga International Airport right before boarding their flight home. It is also possible to pick up a rental car in Liepaja and drop it off at the cities of Ventspils and Jurmala. Rental car providers usually charge a small extra fee for this service. You can see the exact prices and rental conditions by searching for your travel dates on our website.


Is it possible to pick up a rental car in Liepaja and drop it off in a neighboring country?

Yes, that is also permitted. Liepaja is only 100 km (62 miles) north of Klaipeda, the third city of Lithuania which is a famous Baltic beach travel destination and has an international airport. Many travelers choose to see Liepaja first, then cross the border to also see the Lithuanian Baltic coast (or vice versa). As both countries are members of the European Union and the Schengen Area, there are no physical border checks in place (the situation might be different while the security measures of COVID-19 continue, however, so make sure to get the latest updates). It is also possible to pick up a rental car in Liepaja and drop it off in some other cities in Lithuania or even in Estonia, Poland, Finland, and other European countries. Search for your travel dates to see the exact prices, extra fees for border crossing and the rental conditions. 


How can I find the best car rental offer in Liepaja?

As of April 2020, Liepaja is served by only one car rental company, SIXT. However, there are still things to do to improve your chances of landing a great rental vehicle for your Latvian vacation. If you are not frightened by cold weather and care more about attractions that are indoors, why not travel to Liepaja during the winter months? According to our data, renting a car in Latvia is cheapest in February when it is 36% cheaper than the yearly average and a whole 68% cheaper than picking up a rental car in July. Those wide forests and historic cobblestone streets look very pretty when covered in snow. If you really want to visit in summer, don’t despair - a great, time-tested method for getting a better price is to simply book your rental car well in advance. Finally, make sure to find out the fuel and mileage conditions of your rental car before booking. 


What is there to see in Liepaja?


The city center. Small and easily navigable, but with plenty of interesting quirks and hidden gems, Liepaja’s city center is one of the most interesting urban quarters in Latvia. Highlights include the city’s museum, the House of Craftsmen, a number of churches of different denominations, and Art Nouveau architecture. The city center is also home to many of the city’s cultural institutions, best hotels, and dining establishments.

Karosta. A former Soviet military town that was closed to civilians for decades, Karosta is one of the truly unique travel experiences in Liepaja. The number one tourist attraction is Karosta Prison where you can learn about the more grim pages in Latvian history or, if you’re really brave, even spend a night in prison to relive the experience of a Soviet convict. Karosta is also home to a number of forts, military architecture dating back to the Russian Empire, and K. Māksla?, a contemporary art gallery. With a rental car, you can travel between Liepaja’s city center and Karosta in about ten minutes.

The beaches. Located right on the Baltic Sea, Liepaja is famous for its many beautiful city beaches which are easily accessible with a rental car. Come summer, the city’s long sandy shores are filled with lovers of the sun and sea. Unlike in the capital Riga where the beaches are located on the outskirts of the city and traveling between the center and the nearest coastline takes about 30 minutes, the beaches of Liepaja form an integral part of the city and are quick and easy to reach. Another beautiful natural attraction, Liepaja Lake, is located just east of the city center and is also easily accessible.


What is there to see near Liepāja?


Kuldiga. Made up of cobblestone streets, wooden buildings, and a well-preserved historic city center, Kuldiga is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region of Kurzeme. Especially nice to explore during the summer months, Kuldiga is also home to the Venta Rapids which, while only about two meters high, is the widest waterfall in Europe. There’s even more natural beauty, as Kuldiga is surrounded by beautiful forests with an expansive network of hiking trails. Located about 88 km (54 miles) northeast of Liepaja, Kuldiga can be reached in 1 hour and 10 minutes with a rental car.

Pavilosta. The Baltic Sea might not be world-famous as a surfing destination, but the town of Pavilosta, located about 50 km (31 miles) north of Liepaja, is determined to change that. Over the last couple of years, a number of activists have brought the surfing fever as well as some well-equipped surf clubs and shops to this picturesque former fishing village. While the summers are shorter in Latvia than in Portugal and Morocco and the waves not as impressive as those of the Atlantic, the laid back atmosphere and beautiful beaches more than make up for it, making Pāvilosta one of the nicest places to visit in the region during the summer months.

Pape Nature Reserve. Located in the very southwestern corner of Latvia right on the border with Lithuania, Pape is one of the most distinct areas in the country. Made up of wetlands, meadows, long beaches, and walking trails, the area is famous for its wildlife which includes European bison, wild horses, moose, and a great number of aquatic birds. Located about 53 km (33 miles) south of Liepāja, Pape takes about 40 minutes to reach. Although doable as a day trip from Liepāja, Pape also has a number of guest houses and camping opportunities for those who want to experience those magical sunrises in undisturbed nature.